Tuesday, March 16, 2010

* Washington Makes Me Sick.

Health Care : Shark without Teeth

Michael Moore, the radical documentary film -maker and truth teller, appeared on The Tavis Smiley Show last night (actually this morning, very very early morning).

Apparently he is one of the few people to have actually READ the current health care legislation. Three things he said are worth listing here:

If the bill passes today :

1. "Pre-exisiting conditions" provisions will go into effect tomorrow ONLY for children.

2. Those provisions will go into effect for adults FOUR YEARS from passage.

3. Insurance companies will BE FINED ONLY $5000 (Five thousand dollars!) if they REFUSE a patient for a pre-exisiting condition.

As Michael Moore said "OOOOOHHHHH, OOOOOOHHHH, OOOOHHH: Scarey.. a whole $5000!"

If you were an insurance company which would YOU choose: Hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical costs for treating a pre-existing condition like cancer OR a $5000 fine for refusing to cover treatment for it?

This health care legislation is a shark without teeth.

Washington makes me sick.

(And it will kill many others.)

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