Thursday, March 31, 2011

* Yale's Town of Esposito

Modern Yale egalitarians are a trifle naive.

When my parents were young (circa 1920) Yale students used to bring their butler with them to college to wait on them (the Old Campus rooms were arranged to accommodate the servants who attended the students).

Yale students were FORBIDDEN TO DATE New Haven girls.

Yale built its gothic palaces by importing an entire town of stonecutters from Italy ( a town named "Esposito" as the local story goes and that is why not a day goes by in the New Haven Register when an "Esposito" does not appear on its obituary page).

And let's not even mention the slaves who worked on building the campus----and Geronimo and his skull.

Yale behaved like a planet, around which everyone else orbited: women, servants, townies, American Indians, slaves, even entire towns in Italy.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

* Yale's F-You

Yale is an upraised middle finger architecturally

 shoved in the faces of New Haveners

First of all, you DON'T have to listen to me. Just skip over my posts. (What kind of masochist are you?)
Second of all, New Haven IS DEFINITELY DIFFERENT than other urban cities:
l) It is my birthplace and childhood haunt;
2) It has an employer whose buildings comprise a medieval castle (about the size of Windsor Castle) obstructing the center of the city, so that indigents and average Joes/Joans have absolutely no alternative if they wish to traverse New Haven, but to rub their faces in the fecal fealty which the princely palaces of Yale's academic architecture insultingly demand.
Yale is an upraised middle finger architecturally shoved in the faces of New Haveners, and has been so all of my life---- 24 / 7 / 365.
Of course, Yale has no idea it affects indigent New Haveners this way.

why do we have to listen to someone who chose "the anti-yale" as a username?
Let him have his soapbox, it's the only thing left for the Anti-Yale. Plus he's apparently in Vermont so quite safe from this seething cauldron of misery about to explode into class and race warfare at any moment. New Haven is no different than any other city if the same size and racial makeup. But it makes for good story fodder. Yalies get all hysterical, but refuse to identify the race of the attackers as that would be impolite. If that isn't politically correct stupidity I don't know what is.
godard, it's because he's so important. How else could he have 36 blogs?

Friday, March 25, 2011

* Wassup Yale? From the Tables Down at Mory's to the Toad's Unloaded Shells

Two Wounded by Gunshots at Toad's Place
Toad's Place is the latest avatar of vaudeville and barroom honky-tonk, a long cowboy tradition in our gunslinging country. Think of Meyer Wolfsheim in The Great Gatsby who watched his buddy get shot at the honky tonk across the street from where Gatsby, Nick, and Wolfsheim have lunch.
Booze, violence, money. Ain't that what Yale is supposed to prepare us for?
New Haven Violence : The

Noose Tightens Around




The back of Sterling Memorial Library (the academic aorta of Yale)  is 30 feet from Toad's Place

Mory's and its next door neighbor (below) , Toad's Place

My Cousin Marty, "is and was" lighting director at Toad's. Luckily he was off the night of the shooting, touring with Apache Stone. 
 Over the last 18 years my Cousin Bill, has  played at Toad's as a member of The Stranded, Odds & Sods, and Stormbringer

2011 Revised Whiffenpoof Song 



From the tables down at Mory’s

To the place where Toady dwells,

Gunshots sing off Gothic  arches;

Yale's image goes to hell.

We're poor little sheep

Who've lost our way.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

New Haven Police confirmed Thursday that both men shot Wednesday night inside Toad’s Place did not sustain life threatening injuries. Still, the nightclub’s reputation is at risk from the shootout.
The NIGHTCLUB'S reputation is at risk? How about YALE'S reputation? Toad's is 20 feet from the home of the Whiffenpoofs and 30 feet from the academic aorta of the University: Sterling Memorial Library.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

* The Gap Still Yawns Wide 40 Years Later

(Link to YDN article)


COMMENTS from YDN article

The only thing you helped was to destroy the morale of the troops, and caused needless deaths of friends of mine and the men under me. You call me misguided for dismissing your claims that you were in a shooting war? Try living it every day while knowing there was a whole segment of the population safe at home, supporting the very people trying to kill you. How nice you got your FBI file, it must fuel the fire within while you fight from the barricades. Yes, you and yours did help some of us get home sooner, unfortunately it was in a metal box. Keep telling yourself you were a hero of the proletariat, it seems you 've been living off those glory days. But hopefully you aren't doing any such favors for our troops overseas today, I don't know if they could survive the kindness.
I don't respond to nastiness.
Apparently you were duped by the government from Johnson and McNamara-on-down into believing you were fighting a legitimate war.
The protesters thought otherwise and even McNamara admitted as much at age 89 in his memoire and interviews.
I am sorry if you need to believe the lies.
I didn't and I don't, no matter how many unpleasant names you call those of us who stateside fought the war to bring you home.