Thursday, March 3, 2011

* Brothers

Paul and Kit, circa 1949

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by River Clegg
Yale Daily News


Yours is the first generation in my lifetime to grow up with no universally accepted cultural gender definitions.
Since my only sibling, my own brother, 'came out' at age 47 after 25 years of marriage and having raised a then 16 year old son, I do not speak with the detached aloofness of an observer.
I supported my brother every step of his journey through the final seconds of his life until he died of AIDS at age 57 eight years ago.
His mainline Protestant church had cold-shouldered him after his emergence in a new life, so he converted to a new age church ( he lived on the West Coast aka the 'left coast') which enfolded him in loving arms, even posthumously at his memorial service.
Why am I sharing these personal details? Because Mr. Clegg's article raises a larger point about life: Since we only go through this journey ONCE, what should we do with our energy? Love or hate? Trust or fear? Think or parrot?
Society's very Aristotelian polarities (male/female) are in an amazing state of flux ; your generation's journey may be easier than my brother's generation's journey has been.
I wish you all well.

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