Wednesday, March 30, 2011

* Yale's F-You

Yale is an upraised middle finger architecturally

 shoved in the faces of New Haveners

First of all, you DON'T have to listen to me. Just skip over my posts. (What kind of masochist are you?)
Second of all, New Haven IS DEFINITELY DIFFERENT than other urban cities:
l) It is my birthplace and childhood haunt;
2) It has an employer whose buildings comprise a medieval castle (about the size of Windsor Castle) obstructing the center of the city, so that indigents and average Joes/Joans have absolutely no alternative if they wish to traverse New Haven, but to rub their faces in the fecal fealty which the princely palaces of Yale's academic architecture insultingly demand.
Yale is an upraised middle finger architecturally shoved in the faces of New Haveners, and has been so all of my life---- 24 / 7 / 365.
Of course, Yale has no idea it affects indigent New Haveners this way.

why do we have to listen to someone who chose "the anti-yale" as a username?
Let him have his soapbox, it's the only thing left for the Anti-Yale. Plus he's apparently in Vermont so quite safe from this seething cauldron of misery about to explode into class and race warfare at any moment. New Haven is no different than any other city if the same size and racial makeup. But it makes for good story fodder. Yalies get all hysterical, but refuse to identify the race of the attackers as that would be impolite. If that isn't politically correct stupidity I don't know what is.
godard, it's because he's so important. How else could he have 36 blogs?

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