Saturday, March 24, 2012

* Yanking the Post-Freudians' Chain (ahem, so to speak).

Sportin'  with the Post-Freudian Generation in  their Oedipal Rebellion Against the Pioneer of the Unconscious Mind

theantiyale 2 days, 23 hours ago 

From a Freudian perspective, most sports are a rehearsal of the reproductive act : Attempting to accurately aim and insert a projectile into a cave-like structure.
This is a vitally important choreography to master if the species is to be perpetuated.
Ergo, intercollegiate athletics is ipso facto, f----ing important to the survival of the species.
M. Div. '80, etc.

Goldie08 2 days, 7 hours ago

This is idiotic. Swimming? Running? You've got phalluses on the mind 24/7, man.

theantiyale 0 minutes ago

SWIMMING?  (A flesh projectile PENETRATES the water.)
RUNNING? A flesh projectile seeks to beat out fellow projectiles in PENETRATING a finish-line)
Not idiotic---just Freudian.
Try reading (for a sport) .

theantiyale 0 minutes ago

"Hazing and intimidation from teammates (us against them within the team) in some part due to the mediocrity of the level of most players who resort to hazing and bullying to gain power since status is not based on athletic excellence
Apathetic and marginally competent coaching staff that foster a hostile environment resulting in low morale while turning a blind eye to hazing and bullying in the locker room and on and off the field or court in practice and in games"
Let's not be naive. This is how males establish themselves in the pecking order of life. It is based on sexism of themost heinous kind: "How many did ya plug this weekend Joe? Are ya a real MAN. Or a pussy?" The root of this insecurity and the insecurity that leads young men to voluntarily join choreographed murder societies (AKA as the "ARMED Services") is penis insecurity. Shocking to say, it is this simple, 60 years after Freud's death and forty years after society's rejection of his insights in favor of pharamceutical therapy. All males who are capable of being honest with themselves know the truth of this assertion. Unfortunately, there aren't many willing to say so. Competetive athletics and armed military service turns American males into monsters.

theantiyale 1 day, 1 hour ago

I don't notice any WOMEN carrying guns and shooting people in gated communities.
I didn't notice any WOMEN throwing ropes around the necks of the 500 black males who were lynched in Mississippi before the 1955 murder of Emmett Till.
I didn't notice any WOMEN on the Yale Police Department kicking a black male who was asleep on Yale steps near Hendrie Hall on the night of my graduation. Link
Face it !
It’s always MEN.

River_Tam 1 day, 1 hour ago

Lizzie Borden - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

theantiyale 1 day, 1 hour ago

Just as Charles Manson is nuts, so too was Lizzie Borden.

River_Tam 1 day, 1 hour ago

Women of the Ku Klux Klan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

theantiyale 1 day, 1 hour ago

"Women of the Klan differed from Klansmen primarily in their political agenda to incorporate racism, nationalism, traditional morality, and religious intolerance in everyday life through mostly non-violent tactics"
Certifies my point.

Goldie08 1 day ago

I didnt notice any WOMEN firing on the protesting students at KENT STATE.
And after all, what is a GUN? What is a RIFLE but a giant PHALLUS?
From a Freudian perspective, shooting people is a rehearsal of the reproductive act : Attempting to accurately aim and insert a projectile into someone's body.

.theantiyale 23 hours, 45 minutes ago

Absolutely a phallic symbol 
And every other weapon, from sword, to rifle, to cannon, to nuclear missile.
The entire world of warfare is nothing less than penis insecurity.
As for Kent State:
The beautiful, 19-year-old coed, Allison Krause (who was 5" 10" tall, and therefore, the tallest female target in sight) has the temerity to aim an upraised middle finger at a 26-year-old Ohio National GuardsMAN .
His penis was so threatened by that vulgar gesture that he decided to blow a few holes in her body and end her life, forever.
Remind you of anything recently in Afghanistan at the hands of a MALE?
Our society turns males into monsters.

* Allison 's Message: Kent State, Afghanistan, Trayvon Martin

 It is 42 years since I heard the bullets at Kent State and saw the blood on her asphalt altar. So much blood has been shed since then in our world that Allison's idealism seems a futile gesture of youth. I don't think I fully appreciated the Yevgeny Yevtushenko poem FLOWERS AND BULLETS dedicated to her until I read it today, two and a half years from my 70th birthday. The passage of time puts idealism in perspective, sadly.

"Let every apple orchard 

blossom black"



Yevgeny Yevtushenko 

(translated by Anthony Kahn) 


Of course:

Bullets don't like


who love flowers,

They're jealous ladies,


    short on kindness.

Allison Krause,

nineteen years old, 

    you're dead

for loving flowers.

When, thin and open

as the pulse

    of conscience,

you put a flower in a

rifle's mouth

    and said,

"Flowers are better

than bullets,"


was pure hope


Give no flowers to a


    that outlaws truth;

such states


    with cynical, cruel


and your gift, Allison


was the bullet

    that blasted the


Let every apple

orchard blossom


    black in mourning.

Ah, how the lilac


    You're without


Nothing, Nixon said it:

    "You're a bum."

All the dead are


    It's not their crime.

You lie in the grass,

    a melting candy in

your mouth,

done with dressing in

new clothes,

    done with books.

You used to be a


      You studied fine


But other arts exist,

      of blood and


and headsmen with a

genius for the axe.

Who was Hitler?

      A cubist of gas


In the name of all


      I curse your


you architect of lies,

      maestros of


Mothers of the world


      "O God, God!"

and seers are afraid

      to look ahead.

Death dances rock-

and-roll upon the


      of Vietnam,

Cambodia -

On what stage is it

booked to dance


Rise up, Tokyo girls,

       Roman boys,

take up your flowers

       against the

common foe.

Blow the world's

dandelions up

       into a blizzard!

Flowers, to war!

       Punish the


Tulip after tulip,

       carnation after


rip out of your tidy

beds in anger,

choke every lying


       with earth and


You, jasmine, clog

       the spinning

blades of mine-layers.


   block the cross-hair


   drive your sting into

the lenses,


Rise up, lily of the


       lotus of the Nile,

stop the roaring props

   of planes pregnant

       with the death of


Roses, don't be proud

    to find yourselves


        at higher prices.

Nice as it is to touch a

tender cheek,

thrust a sharper thorn

a little deeper

    into the fuel tanks

of bombers.

Of course:

    Bullets are stronger

than flowers.

Flowers aren't enough

to overwhelm them.

    Stems are too


    petals are poor


But a Vietnam girl of

Allison's age,

    taking a gun in her


is the armed flower

    of the people's


If even flowers rise,

    then we've had


    of playing games

with history.

Young America,

    tie up the killer's


Let there be an

escalation of truth

to overwhelm the

escalating lie

    crushing people's


Flowers, make war!

    Defend what's


Drown the city streets

and country roads

    like the flood of an

army advancing

and in the ranks of

people and flowers

    arise, murdered

Allison Krause,

Immortal of the age,

    Thorn-Flower of