Sunday, March 6, 2011


Trivializing the Cartographer of the Unconscious

In 1979,  I attended the Terry Lectures* delivered by Hans Küng at Yale's Battell Chapel entitled Freud and the Problem of God.

Many current members of the Yale community and contributors on the Yale Daily News posting board trivialize Freud when his name or ideas are brought up.

It is useful to hear again these words from Dr.Küng's Terry Lectures:

"Whatever may be thought of the individual elements of the psychoanalytical theory, which he [Freud] later continued to improve and modify empirically and conceptually, from Freud onward all that is human, all man's conscious, individual  and social activity, even his religion and his belief in God, must be seen as essentially connected with that region of the psyche which has its own laws and yet remains beyond deliberate control and direct observation: the unconscious, the deepest stratum in man." 

(Küng, 93)

* The Forty First  of The Dwight Harrington Terry Foundation Lectures on Religion in the Light of Science and Philosophy

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