Wednesday, March 23, 2011

* The Gap Still Yawns Wide 40 Years Later

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COMMENTS from YDN article

The only thing you helped was to destroy the morale of the troops, and caused needless deaths of friends of mine and the men under me. You call me misguided for dismissing your claims that you were in a shooting war? Try living it every day while knowing there was a whole segment of the population safe at home, supporting the very people trying to kill you. How nice you got your FBI file, it must fuel the fire within while you fight from the barricades. Yes, you and yours did help some of us get home sooner, unfortunately it was in a metal box. Keep telling yourself you were a hero of the proletariat, it seems you 've been living off those glory days. But hopefully you aren't doing any such favors for our troops overseas today, I don't know if they could survive the kindness.
I don't respond to nastiness.
Apparently you were duped by the government from Johnson and McNamara-on-down into believing you were fighting a legitimate war.
The protesters thought otherwise and even McNamara admitted as much at age 89 in his memoire and interviews.
I am sorry if you need to believe the lies.
I didn't and I don't, no matter how many unpleasant names you call those of us who stateside fought the war to bring you home.

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