Thursday, March 31, 2011

* Yale's Town of Esposito

Modern Yale egalitarians are a trifle naive.

When my parents were young (circa 1920) Yale students used to bring their butler with them to college to wait on them (the Old Campus rooms were arranged to accommodate the servants who attended the students).

Yale students were FORBIDDEN TO DATE New Haven girls.

Yale built its gothic palaces by importing an entire town of stonecutters from Italy ( a town named "Esposito" as the local story goes and that is why not a day goes by in the New Haven Register when an "Esposito" does not appear on its obituary page).

And let's not even mention the slaves who worked on building the campus----and Geronimo and his skull.

Yale behaved like a planet, around which everyone else orbited: women, servants, townies, American Indians, slaves, even entire towns in Italy.

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