Saturday, March 13, 2010

* The Anti-Ad in The Anti-Yale

This for-profit-space not available.

Don't Buy This!

Today's New York Times has an article about mommybloggers whose blogs are being sought after by advertisers as the new tupperware-party, the digital networking device which brings consumers of a certain niche together.

That got me thinking about my own blog, The Anti-Yale. Who would WANT to advertise on it? Harvard?

And better still, who would I allow to advertise on it?


So I have invented the Anti-Ad, to go with the Anti-Yale. Please note its sleek elegance above, and the fact that it is filled with the ideas and motives of no one. (I can't say the same for Yale Alumni Magazine, unfortunately.)

It is truly the ultimate Anti-Manipulation Billboard.

Fill it at absolutely no cost whatsoever with your own wishful thinking; and my compliments.

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