Monday, March 1, 2010

* Chicken Big : Galactic Gravitational Gyrations

Far be it from me to say "The sky is falling."

The good news is that The sky ISN't falling (even if it is filling up with toxic waste).

But you can't say the same about the earth. The earth IS definitely falling, and with shocking regularity: Haiti two months ago and now Chile two days ago.

The question is, is this simply coincidence or is it a pattern?

The Ring of Fire map above, and our own history with San Francisco in the last hundred years, may provide the answer.

Certainly Jeanette MacDonald and Clarke Gable's theatrical version of chaos in San Francisco had more to do with fire than shaking earth, but that chaos and the history of the San Andreas Fault (Nature's explosive vault), combined with decades of warnings that San Fancisco is "due" for "the Big One", don't augur well for the future after two recent geological shake-ups in that part of the Ring of Fire below the California coastline.

Chicken Little may have little worth listening to about the sky; but, there may be a Chicken Big up there in that sky whose galactic gravitational gyrations are sounding warnings about the crunching of the earth we aren't even hearing ------until we are shaken off our foundations.

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