Tuesday, March 2, 2010

* Canards for Holden

Holden Caulfield we need you right now to be screaming your favorite epithet across our national political soap opera: PHONEY! PHONEY! PHONEY!

What is it in the Oval Office that turns a perfectly believable person into a suspected liar, a dissembler, a hypocrite?

It is almost as if you can watch Obama become Bush, day by day.

The Health Care Summit was the phoniest , most blatant piece of entrapment produced by the White House yet: It was a technological canard.

Obama knew very well he wasn't going to give or get anything at that meeting. The entire televised program was choreographed to "out" the Republicans as nay-sayers in front of the viewing public.

What it did instead, was "out" the President as two-faced.

Smiling his Wrigley's-chewing-gum smile, patting folks on the back, calling them by first name, didn't hide the fact that he was guilty of the penultimate administrative technique: Benign neglect and intransigent equivocation.

Obama is going to do what he darned well wants to and he's going to take the Democrats with him----where ever darned-well-wants-to winds him up.

My guess is that's in an OTP: One Term Presidency.

I don't want anybody preaching to me about health care who still smokes cigarettes. Period.


haehnela said...

The "penultimate" administrative technique? The next-to-last technique? You confused me there.

PAUL KEANE said...

The ultimate administrative technique is to lie ("evidence of weapons of mass destruction").