Monday, March 15, 2010

* Beheaded in Acapulco : Spring Break

60 Billion Dollar Drug Business in the U.S.

Legalize = Sterilize

It's pretty bad when Acapulco is the scene of four beheadings in the Mexican drug war.

Acapulco! Vacation paradise! Spring break fantasia!

The U.S., which feeds the Mexican war lords with 60 billion dollars worth of drug business a year, is in a state of denial about the violence.

Ironically, it is an American arch-conservative, founder of The National Review and former Yale Daily News editor (the late) William F. Buckley, Jr., who understood the economics of the drug trade. REMOVE THE PROFIT and the trade goes away: LEGALIZE and NEUTER.


Unfortunately, the very Conservative base which Buckley helped build, is the very constituency which finds "legalization" equivalent to "liberalization".



Was there ever a conundrum of evil with headless horsemen such as this?

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