Thursday, March 4, 2010

* Required Stalking at Yale

The Great Stalker of East & West Egg

Resolved: An entire incoming class at Yale should not be required to read a novel which neutralizes, perhaps glamorizes, stalking, no matter how famous and celebrated that novel may be.

If somebody warned me that a rich guy had kept a scrapbook for years of my sister's (or cousin's)appearances in the social pages of newspapers; that he had followed her across country; that he bought a mansion across the bay from her mansion so he could look out on her dock; that he threw extravagant parties for hundreds of people in order to create a mystique about his presence in the "neighborhood" which would attract my sister; that he thought about my sister night and day every waking moment for years; that he uses a pseudonym rather than his birth name; that he let it be known he could feather my career's nest if I aided him in arranging a meeting with my sister: I'D CALL THAT GUY A STALKER.

If his name was Jay Gatsby (AKA James Gatz), I'd call him The Great Stalker.

Two years ago every incoming freshman at Yale was required to complete for summer reading before arriving at Yale the most famous book in the world about stalking.

Did any Yale group in the campus poison ivy patch of Political Correctness object?

Perhaps the John Lyly Society (All's fair in love and war.)?
[1578 Lyly Euphues I. 236] Anye impietie may lawfully be committed in love, which is lawlesse.

Isn't it "a foul dust floating in the wake of " freshman dreams to make a handbook on Rich Man Stalking REQUIRED reading for all incoming Yalies?

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