Monday, March 8, 2010

* Vermont's Fifth Season

Wearing the Brown

It isn't even St. Patrick's day in the Green Mountain state and our fifth season already seems to have begun. I just finished my one mile walk up an asphalt mountain road to a dirt road across a woods and then down a gravel road with deer pasture beside, and the mud and ruts have begun to replace the snow all the way along.

Two weeks ago we had two feet of snow on the ground; now we only have a few half inch patches.

It is 50 degrees out today and the sun is in full glory.

But I know enough about the Green Mountains to know that a month from now a cold front from Canada and a nor'easter up the East Coast could combine in fickle fiddle to produce two more feet of snow.

So happy, mud season. Happy sugar season.

But don't take the plow off the truck, just yet.

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