Sunday, March 7, 2010

* "Mouth Honor" : Not So Original Sin

Lying Low

I love this new Toyota ad with a mechanic saying "I've got a family and my mother, grandmother, wife, children all drive Toyotas" or something to that effect. All the while he is uttering these words his head is bobbing, but not up and down, it is bobbing in a circular motion which suggests a left and right head motion (Uh,uh: Don't believe what I'm saying!).

Body language, not "mouth honor" (as Macbeth says) is the real message here.

And the larger message for the country? Look at the last twenty years:

Presidents lie
Priests molest
Journalists fabricate
Politicians fornicate
Bankers deceive
Teachers cheat
Hospitals infect
Food poisons

Is there anything left?


Heart Honor.

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