Tuesday, March 23, 2010

* Digits in the Wind

Recapping, Rethreading, Me!

My blog, The Anti-Yale, is a kind of solipsist's religion; the Religion of Recapitulation.

It is a rethreading of my life through the prisms of my New Haven/Mt.Carmel upbringing as the bastard child of Yale, my four college degrees, my 25-year career, and my recent brush with death.

It is a kind of Farewell to the World (long before I plan to leave it):

I have been here.
I have thought here.
And this is what I leave here.

Will anyone read it?

The "My Profile" section of the blog says 1200 people have "visited" the profile.

But you know, and I know, what Mark Twain knew:

"There are three kinds of lies:
Damned Lies;
and Statistics."

Besides, this blog is a gift from Google----------and China may irreparably infect and crippple Google, despite Google's announced abandoning of the mainland for Hong Kong today.

We are all dust--or digits--in the wind.

Even Google. Even my solipsist's religion.

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