Sunday, March 14, 2010

* Digital Ticker Tape Parades for All: Paranoid or Cellanoid?

1960 Actual ticker tape parade for presidential candidate Nixon.

1969 Fake ticker tape (shredded paper) in parade for Apollo 11 astronauts.

2010 Digital Ticker Tape Parades for All Americans

Having your Parnoids Removed

If you work in a building where hundreds of people have cell phones and use them all day long, you are living in a digital ticker-tape parade 40 hours a week.

I know, scientists haven't found any connection between cell phone radiation and illness, but just the same, after Ted Kennedy's brain cancer resurrected the cell phone/brain cancer debate, I started using my speaker phone and keeping the device several inches from my head, preferably on a shelf or chair.

And what about all these people who keep their cell phones ON and in a hip-pocket?

A little too close to the reproductive organs I'd say.



But when the enemy is invisible and you know it is floating around you every day like ticker tape (and perhaps THROUGH you) I'd rather be paranoid than cellanoid.

It's only a matter of time----and space.

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