Sunday, December 1, 2013

* See no Evil ------------ Evaluating Yale Daily News

The late Samuel See, Assistant Professor of English

Yale Daily News deserves praise for resisting sensationalism in its reporting of an extremely complicated and tragically sad Yale faculty member's death wrapped in town/gown complexities with a potential for misunderstanding greater than any story reported by the Daily News in my five years contributing to its posting board

It will be sad if the Yale Daily News descends to the level of some regional and national  journals which seek "mystery" in (and court intrigue by) digging up the personal life of  Yale assistant professor of English, Samuel See,  PhD,  age 34,  who was found dead in a New Haven jail cell the morning after being arrested in his own home for violating a restraining order to stay away from his estranged husband. 

 Let us hope that doesn't happen. 

Let us hope YDN resists the temptation to quote from facebook and other social media sources; to intrude on the privacy of the widower;  and to quote from secondary sources. 

Aside from trying respectfully to navigate the unfamiliar waters of pronoun and even noun preferences, the Yale Daily News has an obligation to focus on the overriding issues: 

  • What was the cause of death? 
  • Was the arrest justified? 
  • How is the Yale community affected? 
  • What do witnesses say ?
Discussion of  Professor See's domestic life is about as appropriate as speculating on what "arrangement" Hillary and Bill Clinton might have had in their marriage which enabled them to weather infidelities over the years. 

It's their business, not ours. 

And Mr. See and his married life  is surely not the business of the Yale Daily News or its readers, regardless of how regional and national journals  might stoop to conquer.

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