Tuesday, December 31, 2013

* Happy New Life? Yale Divinity School student Sam Todd diisappears from a Manhattan New Year's Eve Party 30 Years Ago Tonight

Under the title “Haunted by a Disappearance"  Jennifer Boylan writes in her New York Times  Op-Ed  piece today of the Manhattan disappearance on New Year’s Eve 30 years ago of Yale Divinity School student, Sam Todd.

Her article swirls around her own feelings of  having wanted to escape the self  of her childhood and youth and its trans-gendered confusion.

My investigative report on Sam Todd presented to the president of Yale and the Dean of the Divinity School as well as Sam Todd’s parents, thirty years ago, suggests that  feelings of wanting to escape a childhood persona  were present in Sam at the time of his disappearance.

That report was published in Connecticut Magazine in May, 1985.

Is it  possible that Sam is still alive.these thirty years later?

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