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* The Untimely Death of Yale Professor Samuel See

Michael has left a new comment on 
Yale Professor Samuel See...": 

"Homicide" was also ruled out as
 a cause of death. 

I would like to know the source
for this comment about 
"homicide".  I have not
seen such a comment.  
Furthermore , who would 
of a homicide be?  
The only folks in contact 
with Mr,. See were  the 
police, the spouse, the 
Yale-New Haven 
Hospital staff


Summary as of December 18, 2013 :

We have a Yale professor, arrested in his own home around  6 P.M. November 23  for violating a restraining order against his spouse which no journalist or official has published for the public to view.

During the arrest the Yale professor is wounded over his eye, but no one is so far named responsible for causing  the cut.  Before being jailed the Yale professor, in police custody, is treated at Yale-New Haven Hospital, where no medical personnel alert anyone of any medical irregularity which could pose a health hazard to the professor were he to be released for jailing from Yale-New Haven Hospital.

In jail where inmates are observed every 15 minutes, there is no record of anyone noticing any medical symptoms which might pose a danger to the professor’s life.

Around 6:00 AM November 24th  the  Yale professor is found “unresponsive” in his cell, suggesting that he was not unresponsive on the previous 15 minute check, presumably around 5;45 AM.  Thus, something apparently caused the professor to expire with no warning during that 15-minute period.

The New Haven Police Department, violating its own procedures, does not notify the public of the death of the Yale professor for three days, November 27th.

No record has emerged of when the NHPD notified the Yale administration of the death, or the professor’s next of kin of the death.  

Yale  issues an expression of sympathy and mourning and schedules a memorial service for January 25, 2014 at Battell Chapel. 

By December 4 a preliminary autopsy rules out “trauma” as a cause of death.

A UCLA professor and friend of the late professor organizes a protest march (“a death in jail is a political death”) in New Haven which occurs on December 10.

To date (December 18) , the wording of the restraining orders which precipitated these events nearly a month ago on November 23, have not been published in any news journal.

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