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Paul, there is no silence at Yale. The English Department

 website features a tribute to Prof. See. The Dean of Yale
 College spoke in memory of him at the Gay and Lesbian Studies
 Program last week. A memorial service has been scheduled in Battell
 Chapel. Your anger is fueled by what seems like willful ignorance
of these facts, and while I agree with you that the silence in the days
 after See's death was disturbing, you now seem to be consumed by a
 private truth that is distracting and upsetting to those of us who
 would mourn him in the context of reality.


My ignorance is not "willfull" it is geographical.
I am in Vermont. The Yale Daily News and the New Haven
Register are my means of communication. This is the first
I have heard of these good and decent items. and I hope you
publicize them widely.
Please provide me with the links. and the texts and I will put

them on my blog http://theantiyale.blogspot.com as I did the University's official statement last week 



as I will now post your comment and this reply----- immediately.

Thank you for your correction. It reaffirms my faith in humanity.
Again, my apology.