Tuesday, November 12, 2013

* Yale Campus sold to Mark Zuckerberg for One Trillion Dollars; Harold Bloom Golden Parachuted out of New Haven to Stratford-on-Avon

   Link to Yale Daily  News Article

Yale-Zuckerberg University
(formerly Yale University)
 with Facebook Tower
(formerly Harkness Tower)
at the center.

Sterling Professor Harold Bloom:
Zuckerberg-Yale MOOC University
offers him 10,000 shares
of Facebook stock
as a 

Golden Parachute
to get out of the way 

of the
MOOC  revolution.


Mark Zuckerberg,
President and CEO,
Zuckerberg-Yale MOOC University

·                  theantiyale 

 12 hours ago

Sell the whole damn campus to Mark Zuckerberg.
PS:  Give Harold Bloom a Golden Parachute of ten thousand Facebook shares---no Twitter's a better bet.

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