Wednesday, November 6, 2013

* Cover Your Mouth


A segment on the evening news suggested that reaerch now confirms that yawning is learned around age six and is a sign of empathy. 

This raises a human alternative to brain scanning to predict the development of criminal behavior.  Instead of the brain scan test, we can merely give all six to ten-year-olds the yawn test.  If they fail for four years in a row, BINGO!  They become candidates for permananent psychiatric monitoring.

This also offers prospects for ameliorating autism which is often characterized by a numb (or absent) affect or lack of empathy.

If we can train yawning at an early age (as scientists have announced today they decided to for with eye-contact for autistic children at an early age) perhaps we can reverse the emotional isolation of autism.


Clifford Nass, Researcher on Multitasking, Dies at 55

“The moral of this story here is really clear,” he said in a talk at Stanford this year. “We’ve got to make face-to-face time sacred, and we have to bring back the saying we used to hear all the time, and now never hear,
‘Look at me when I talk to you.’ ”

Dr. Nass spent more than 25 years studying people as they confronted the constantly changing technology of the computer age.

Published: November 6, 2013

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