Friday, October 25, 2013

* Zuckerberg, Gates, and Obsesssive Quantification in the Ascendant: CP Snow, Not



“Schools can’t improve unless they’re measuring things.”

This is the mantra of the new religion and its Digitized Deity, DATA, 
evangelized by Bill and Melinda Gradgrind, whose software and computers just happen to be required to perform these new religious sacraments. 

Measure, Measure, Measure: 
Lord God Almighty. 
God in three Mouse Clicks, 
Blessed Trinity.
BubbaJoe T-Bone Malone  theantiyale 


Yes, because it's better to try stuff and remain entirely ignorant of whether it works. You would probably have condemned Og's efforts to see whether dry wood or a block of ice made better kindling.
theantiyale  BubbaJoe T-Bone Malone 

It is better to be on the scene interacting with students, than in a room prostrating yourself in obeisance before the altar of DATA.

What an amazing insight: 9th grade boys bully others. i could have told you that for free, simply from observation.

I hate to break it to you, but a recorded observation IS a piece of data.
 3 days ago

No one "recorded" it. I observed it as a ubiquitous developmental phase, as does every teacher of high school students.
Your compulsion to analyze bothers.

It is data, and you did record it, then projected your findings onto other ninth grade boys.
Presenting these processes as intuition not analysis is just
 obfuscation on your part.

                                            The aridity of the non-poetic mind quantifies everything. 

This is the CP Snow "Two Cultures" debate.
At the moment "science" is in the ascendancy.
Like the zodiac, the arts will have their return ascendant.
For the time being, bask in your moment.

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