Wednesday, October 23, 2013

* Madame Sibelius Declines Again: No one is in charge of antibiotic resistant bacteria crisis formally declared by the National Institute(s) of Health.

Who Ever 



Have Bigger Hearts 



Earlier this year Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sibelius  declined to change the rule that refused a lung transplant to a 10-year-old girl because she did not fall within official age limits for such transplants. 

Public outcry forced Congress to change the rules.

Now Madame Sibelius declines to be interviewed by  PBS  Frontline's devastating televised expose "Hunting the Nighmare Bacteria".

Some say she should be fired for last week's incompetent roll-out of the Healthcare Website for "Obamacare" which has broken down more than a $50.00 jalopy.

That's the least of it.

Madame is immune: Obama is too timid to fire a woman.

Perhaps he should take a hint from Pope Francis who today put the Bishop of Bling  on leave , i.e. suspended him for spending 42 million dollars remodelling his Bishop's quarters in Germany.

Maybe it's time for Obama to give America's Madame No, not a golden parachute but a golden Exit Sign.

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