Wednesday, October 16, 2013

* STOP AND FRIEND (Adopt-a-Homey)

Hamden man killed in New Haven’s 15th homicide



Get the police OUT of their technology-laden cars. OUT !

Walking a beat. Learning names. Chatting with folks.

       rick131 @ theantiyale 

Stop and frisk. It works in New York.

§ theantiyale @ rick 131

Let's freak out the suspects and freak-out cynical citizens:

Turn what you call "Stop and Frisk" 


"Stop and Friend":

Randomly stop suspicious folk and introduce yourself as "Officer 

Smith" (for example) and then give them a gift certificate for two

coffees at Dunkin' Donuts. Maybe there's a way to let Dunkin' 

donate them as a tax-deductible expense
Let's start another program too similar to Adopt-a-Highway
We'll call it ADOPT-A-HOMEY. The officer stops his car or her

car, introduces themselves and says, we want to plug you into a

program which offers advice, "connections" to helpful citizens,

 assistance with cutting red-tape, etc. No strings attached.

Sounds crazy, huh?

It is.

Just crazy enough to work.

It couldn't be any crazier than hand-cuff racial profiling.

Let's transform that bad-boy into hand-shake racial profiling.



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