Monday, October 28, 2013

* Kiss my glass.

" I am advocating that, so long as this glass floor exists, we must make it accessible to more than just the elite."
It is precisely because the "elite" have a kind of country-club network of eye-winking insiders that the glass floor exists for them. "We protect our own". You can't suddenly transform first generation success stories into this insiders' club.
That what The Great Gatsby is all about.
No matter how much money Gatsby had , he could NOT buy his way into the "old money" club.
Michael Jackson's million-dollar weekend shopping sprees make that clear. OUTSIDER to the end.
To be an INSIDER you have to be INSIDE.
Even snooty Yalies on this posting board have in the past claimed I was not a "real" Yalie because I went to the Divinity School---a kind of academic playpen in their eyes.
Only the Tom Buchanon Yalies (the undergraduate experience Yalies) are authentic.


yale_14bro  theantiyale 

Poor PK being told he's not a really Yalie... I'm glad 
we have him!
^^ Is it this effect of 3+ years of 
 Syndrome as a Yale undergrad?

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