Sunday, July 3, 2011

* Shakspear [sic] Period !

The world is going to hell, or rather, it is falling apart at the seams.  It's most basic glue, rules of punctuation and grammar, no longer sticks  ( the rules are no longer observed )------and no one bats an eyelash.  And I'm not just talking about text-messaging.

thisweek [sic]

Doesn't it look funny?  Shouldn't it read This Week since it is the title of an  abc [sic] Sunday morning talk-show?

At the end of that show there is a segment of obituaries called IN MEMORIAM.  The titles read something like this:

Lt John J  Jones
Cpl Sally A Adams
CPT Jean P Smith

[sic] [sic] [sic]

Shouldn't there be a period after the middle initial? After the abbreviated military title? And why would Cpt. be all capitals CPT [sic]?

These are small matters, although the period after the  "S" in Harry S Truman is a matter which receives great  attention  since he is a former President of the United States and he  had no middle name : The "S" is actually the letter "S" standing for a stalemate between his mother and father over family names beginning with "S" from either side of the family which neither parent could agree upon. (read links above)


THE world is not going to hell.  

MY  world is going to hell. 

Everything I learned as foundational to the rudiments of inscribing words on paper is now in a state of flux ---- including the very inscription itself: Cursive, once taught in Grades Three through Five is now only taught in Grade Three and may be abandoned entirely to keyboarding and hand printing.

Why should I care?  An old man's need to control the world he fatuously believes he once navigated  confidently?  

Even Shakespeare, whose only known handwriting is five signatures in his last will and testament and two other documents, spelled his name differently in those  few-pages of official documents. 

That's William Shakespeare, ( as in The Mt. Everest of the English Language !! ) and he could't take the care to spell his name correctly?

Sounds like a  lazy text-message teenager to me.

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