Monday, July 25, 2011

* The Saint of Slaves Violates Lady Byron's Confidence

"He is the absolute monarch of words and uses them as Bonaparte did lives, 
for conquest . . ."  

Lady Byron 

An impassioned defense of Lady Byron for having left her husband, this work helped stir up the posthumous controversy between the supporters of Lord Byron and those of his wife. The tempest between the two groups has continued almost to the present day. Harriet Beecher Stowe's 1870 book studied the famous Byron marriage controversy from its beginnings in 1816 right up to the time of publication of her book. A central feature of the book is the chapters on Lady Byron as Stowe knew her, and on Lady Byron's story of the attacks on her after separating from Byron as related to Stowe. This was a major indiscretion on the part of Mrs. Stowe, in whom Lady Byron had confided in confidence concerning Byron's relations with his half-sister (which were later fully acknowledged in Astarte). Amazon. com

Byron's Half-Sister

Lady Byron

Lord Byron on his deathbed at age 36.

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