Wednesday, July 13, 2011

* The Oedipal Moment in Hollywood History: Unseating a Celluloid God

Who's Stellar?

Marlon Brando's achievement  as Stanley Kowalski   in A Street Car Named Desire (above) is superseded decades later by Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now  who admits to performing his signature scene as  Capt. Benjamin L.  Willard, drunk, with an actual bleeding hand,  as a kind of exorcism; and performing it , as an awe-struck co- star with the then aging Brando as Kurtz, i.e. in the shadow of all that Brando's famous scream of "Stella!" had come to symbolize in the Hollywood pantheon of gods.

The Freudian question begged by this famous Oedipal Moment in Hollywood history, recorded for all the world to see when Martin Sheen was 36, is how can his now 46 year-old son, Charlie Sheen, the highest paid actor in television at 2 million dollars an episode of the series Two and a Half Men, supersede his own father's achievement, i.e., create his own Oedipal Moment?

Martin Sheen, a recovering alcoholic, clearly embraces the  illness / recovery language of Alcoholics Anonymous in the following clip:

Behold the following Oedipal Moment choreographed consciously or subconsciously by Charlie Sheen:

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