Friday, July 15, 2011

* Controlling ( Female?) Sexuality from Paradise

Virgin Truth ?

I  read that the word "virgin" in the Bible when translated from original Old Testament sources actually means "young woman" not unimpregnated woman.

Similarly, I have read that the word "virgin" in the Koran when translated from original sources actually means "white raisins".

Both of these words are crucial to their respective religion's rewards in the Hereafter:  In Christianity, Christ promises eternal life and his authority comes from having been been a god born miraculously:  conceived of a woman only,  not the conceived  son of Joseph and Mary.

In the Koran, the promise of Paradise includes the reward of 72 virgins, unimpregnated women.

Regardless of the authenticity of these ignored sources, the effect of the use of the word "virgin"  by these two world religions is to perpetuate patriarchal control of women's sexuality. They implicitly make promiscuity taboo through the paradisical valorization of the ultimate opposite: virginity.

Does either religion seek to do the same for MALE sexuality?

Perhaps the Roman Catholic expression of Christianity  attempts this feat through the valorization of celibacy in its priests.

I have heard that recently that experiment has been unsuccessful to the tune of millions of dollars in court costs for child-abuse lawsuits.

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