Thursday, September 26, 2013

* What's in a Word: The Holocaust? The Great Fratricide?

Appomattox Courthouse:
Ending The Great Fratricide

To Be or Not to Be: Rapprochement

The New York Times reports 

this morning that an Iranian information agency denies Iranian President Rouhani ever used the word "Holocaust" in this interview (above).

 Only a translator can tell.

Diplomacy rests on such absurdities. 

It is as if General Lee and General Grant would refuse to meet at Appomattox  unless both agreed to refer to the Civil War as The Great Fratricide, which of course it was.

One should remember that General Grant allowed the Confederate soldiers to keep their pistols, a mark of civility and trust, and compassion for those needing to maintain social order. He also allowed them to keep their horses and mules for planting season.

Why can't present day adults grow up?  

Mr. Rouhani called the Nazi's killing of Jews a "crime"  

That's plenty good enough for historical accuracy.

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