Tuesday, September 17, 2013

* Ken Dryden: Summer Construction Worker, Ithaca, 1967-68 (Before he was famous.)

Pushing  Georgia Buggies


Shouldering Hycos


Around 1967/8 I worked construction each summer at Ithaca College with Streeter Construction Co., building the new performing arts center, with another I. C. student, whose father was Treasurer of the College and had secured the jobs for us.

Three Cornell hockey players were on the crew too: Ted Coviello, John Hughes, and Ken Dryden.

I recall Dryden as a hard working, quiet, tall  guy, who never mentioned his Cornell hockey credentials (which of course had preceded him in the crew's coffee break gossip) , and wasn't afraid to push a Georgia buggy full of cement right along with the best of us.

The Dillingham Performing Arts Center
at Ithaca College,
 which Ken Dryden , myself, and other students
from Ithaca College and Cornell
 helped build as summer workers pushing Georgia Buggies

 full of cement 
and carrying on our shoulders
  75 lb. metal girders called hycos
on the  Streeter Consrtruction Company's crew,

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