Tuesday, September 3, 2013

* Buckley Foundation Urged to Seek Taft Faculty Table


The William Howard Taft mansion,
111 Whitney Avenue

White House Bathtub
 for President Taft
(reproduction of original)

Ms. Laura Noble '11
Executive Director

Mr. Harry Graver '14, President

Mr. Nate Zelinksi '13

Board of Directors

The William F. Buckley Program

Yale University

Dear Ms. Noble, Mr. Graver,  and Mr. Zelinksi:

Congratulations on your acquisition of the William Howard Taft house for the Buckley Foundation.    

As you may know, I have long honored Mr. Buckley both with my dedication to Holy Smoke in 1982 (see this link for his kind response) and again with its 2008 digital reincarnation as The Anti-Yale, where this letter appears.

May I suggest that you attempt to locate the Taft  faculty table which I saw with my own eyes fifty years ago at the Yale Faculty Club which had a semi-circle cut out of it so that Professor (later President) Taft could comfortably sit at the table.  It would make a great conversation piece at your new quarters.

(There is also a seat at Woolsey Hall which has an arm rest removed so that it is actually two seats, large enough for President Taft to comfortably sit.  However, that's not moving, I'm pretty certain.)

The Yale historian, Judith Ane Schiff who publishes a column in the Alumni Journal seems to know everything about Yale. I'll bet she knows exactly where all the furniture from the now defunct faculty Club has wound up and could easily locate it for you.

Best wishes in your enterprise.  I'm sure Mr. Buckley would be pleased.  


Paul D. Keane, M. Div. '80,

M.A., M. Ed.


Judith Ann Schiff

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