Sunday, July 21, 2013

* The Man----Mr. Charlie, Capt'n Mr. Bossman

The man doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Has it ever occurred to President Obama , who wants us to have a national conversation about the cynicism and pessimism of “our African American boys,” that maybe the boys are right?

Look around .

What would make a young person think that the world is run by people who know what they are doing? The planet is despoiled; politics is corrupt or paralyzed,  public education is under-funded and yanked around my “experts” who change it every ten years; platitudes masquerade as thinking; priesthood has been poisoned by lust; manhood rituals (the Boy Scouts) are manipulated by adult bigotry.

It isn’t just young African American boys who are cynical and pessimistic.

It’s thinking children everywhere.

 Mr. Charlie, Capt’n Mr. Bosssman  (as Walter Lee Younger calls “the Man” who hold power in A Raisin in the Sun) doesn’t know what he’s doing ---       either to our children (and therefore our future)  or to the world.

Or maybe he does---and he doesn’t  care.

Laying it on "the man"  isn't a sexist observation.  If women ran the world competition might be tempered with compassion and things might be different.

 But with few exceptions (Andrea Merkel, Christine Lagarde) the world is run by Capt'n. Charlie, Mr. Bossman.


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