Sunday, July 14, 2013

* "The Brother Walked" : Macbeth doth murder sleep

Rightful Death

I don't want to talk about  regional differences in the law (stand your ground) or innocence in criminal  vs. guilt in civil verdicts of wrongful death.

I want to talk about sleep  after the acquittals.

I have always wondered how O.J. Simpson's children felt  as they matured after he was made a free man, sensing they might be  sleeping under the same roof as a man who had slashed the neck of  their  mother  until she was dead.

I now wonder how the citizens of stand-your-ground-ville feel, knowing that they are living in a community where this very night a man acquitted of murder and manslaughter who admitted  pulling the trigger of a gun which killed someone,  is free in their community to walk around carrying a weapon as a neighborhood watch-person?

This very night in America.

That's all I want to know.

Do juries murder sleep?

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