Sunday, March 31, 2013

* A Story

Crucifixion by Salvador Dali

I'm not much for believing in religion for religion's sake (I hate people to tell  me what's true) but I do believe in art for art's sake.  

Two of the greatest artistic achievements in the human endeavor are Bach's St. Matthew Passion and Handel's Messiah (excerpts below).

You gotta admit, even if Albert Schweitzer was right and there is no proof of the existence of a historical Jesus, that the story of this life has hung on a long time and inspired some mighty artists.

Pieta by Michaelangelo
Marc Chagall, Reims Cathedral

St.Matthew Passion
J.S. Bach

The Last Supper by Leonardo DaVinci
The Last Supper by Salvador Dali

George Frideric Handel

Christ Climbed Down
Lawrence Ferlinghetti

A Mighty Fortress is Our God 
hymn composed by
Martin Luther

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