Thursday, March 21, 2013

* A Call from the Anti-Yale : Pope Francis---- Convene Vatican III, an Ecumenical Council on Stewardship of the Planet

Vatican II
convened by
Pope John XXIII 

at age 81 
and who died during its first year

Pope John XXIII, 
elected Pope at age 77 
in 1958

Pope Francis I,
elected Pope at age 76 
in 2013

Will Pope Francis I 
Vatican III,

 the 22nd Ecumenical Council
of the
Roman Catholic Church?

The Call is Clear

There are  7.2 billion people on the earth. 1.1 billion are Roman Catholic; 1.1 billion have accounts with Facebook; 1 billion have accounts with Twitter.

While Facebook and Twitter have the virtue of astonishing electronic speed and have been known to facilitate revolutions during the ferment of the 
so-called Arab Spring (Egypt; Libya) the Roman Catholic Church has something more valuable than speed:  Continuity.

It is 2000 years old.  

It's Pope has a direct lineage from one of the Twelve Disciples, Peter.

He can speak "ex cathedra" (from the Throne of Peter) and his word is taken as the direct word of Christ since the Pope is the "Vicar of Christ" on earth.

Jack Dorsey,
Co-founder of Twitter

Mark Zuckerberg,
Founder of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey are the vicars of no one.

Since politicians, paralyzed by moneyed lobbying interests,  will NEVER respond to the crisis of Global Warming in time,

only an organization with one seventh of the world's population which can be marshaled into ethical action has any chance at all of saving the planet from the self-destruction of human avarice.

The call is clear.  

And it comes from Heaven.

A Heaven full of acid rain.

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