Thursday, March 7, 2013

* Good Word XVI

The Magisterium in the Roman Catholic Church, is the "teaching authority of the Church."

I would argue that Pope Benedict XVI's resignation---- the first resignation of a Pope in six centuries ---- is the most subversive instrument of teaching which could possibly penetrate the Magisterium.

What Benedict (whose self chosen name as Pope means "Good Word"  in Latin) has done in resigning is to take the magic out of the papacy.

If the Pope is "God's chosen representative of Christ on earth", (i.e. "the Vicar of Christ") then by resigning, Benedict XVI has chosen to undo God's choice-----a pretty heretical act. 

 And he has chosen to do it in a way which says "I'm just a guy. No magic in me." (as does this week's New Yorker cover of the Pope lounging in bathing suit in a hammock on a desert island) 

It's taken centuries to build up the magic of the Magisterium, and one 86 -year-old German Cardinal crowned  Benedict XVI, has thrown the magic out the window.

Another German,  Martin Luther,  must be tap dancing in heaven.

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