Monday, March 11, 2013

* Harvardgate : (-) + (-) = (+) ?

Once before Harvard banned its own, in 1838 after Ralph Waldo Emerson delivered his now famous and infamous Address to the Divinity Students, which cut America loose from old world theology to explore anew.

That ban lasted thirty years until Emerson's world-wide fame as a titanic lecturer and thinker shamed Harvard into welcoming him back into its crimson fold.

Harvard has now shamed itself again, 125 years later, after an administration memo was leaked to the Press addressed to Harvard's residence hall deans/lecturers suggesting that they invite students who had cheated on a "Government 115 test" to voluntarily withdraw rather than be expelled.

Now the scandal has metastasized,  into a Harvardgate, with the revelation reported in this morning's New York Times that the Harvard administration has searched the emails of those same deans/lecturers to try to identify the Julian Assange (or Bradley Manning) among them.

O my Transcendentalist God!

Is the world so confused that the highest members of its own Academy must dishonor the Academy to save their own face?

Two negatives do make a positive  in algebra, but we are not doing algebra here:

It's as simple as kindergarten even at Harvard:  two wrongs do not make a right

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