Friday, December 14, 2012

* Will Yale's Pope Tweet ?

Yale's Sterling Memorial Library is designed as a cathedral, with students approaching the Altar of Knowledge as they enter the nave.
Sterling Professor Harold Bloom is said to have "read more books than any human being alive." Here he is seen performing a sacred rite.

The Pope has tweeted.

Was the tweet ex cathedra (from the throne of  St. Peter)?

 Or was it merely a chirp from Vatican City? 

Recently David Axelrod, advisor to the President, agreed to shave his mustache if one million dollars was raised for the study of a cure for epilepsy by a certain date. Before that denuding, both the Democratic and Republican chairs agreed to shave their heads if money was raised for equally noble causes.

 I will shave my mustache (but not my beard) if the Yale Daily News can get Yale’s scholarly pope, Harold Bloom to “tweet” on any topic he chooses.

 This will be an almost impossible goal to achieve, given Bloom’s notorious commitment to books. Tweeting may seem to him the ultimate betrayal  of the art of reading.

One scholar put it this way: “Harold Bloom has read more books than any human being alive.” Rumor has it that when he was young, Mr. Bloom could read and absorb a thousand pages an hour.

That ought to make his “tweet” (if it is secured) one mellifluous blast.

One Bloomian question for Twitter:

Does a citation count as part of the 140 characters?

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