Saturday, December 8, 2012

* The Quiet Revolution of the Womb

(Link to Yale Daily News article: You can't ignore us)

A PBS series on the history of Broadway said this about the musical:  "The Broadway musical can be divided into two eras:  Everything Before Show Boat and Everything After Show Boat."

The miscegenation scene from Show Boat (YouTube clip above) says it all: Before Show Boat  ours was a world of national denial (to say nothing of  national mental illness).  The world after Show Boat was a world in which society's hypocrisy we confronted and challenged in open, on stage.

The Yale Daily News article above by Ms. Enriquez, declares the ultimate victory of the brave new world.  Miscegenation has become an artifact of a dying world of white male supremacy, as have words like mulatto and octoroon.

The quiet revolution of the womb is about to triumph.

Perhaps after yesterday's decision by the Supreme Court to hear two cases involving the issue of gay marriage, the words faggot and queer will also join the archeological exhibit of our nation's  "legalized" prejudices.

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