Sunday, December 16, 2012

* Jeremy Spoke in Class Today on the Second Amendment

Adam Lanza, mass murderer of children.
Link to Yale Daily News article

I remember being horrified by the final image in this Pearl Jam video, Jeremy, when it appeared on MTV eighteen  or so years ago.  I thought at the time "No good can come of this."

But I am a liberal, and I wouldn't suppress freedom of expression for anything. So I swept it under the rug of my mind.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday, when a 20 year old,  Adam Lanza, turned that final  ghastly image in the video into  reality at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, near where I grew up in Hamden.

It is an idyllic town as I recall.  My mother used to take my brother and me swimming  in the summer at a pond near there called Sandy Beach.

The water was so clear you could see your feet when you were neck deep.

Those were the innocent years of my life.

Jeffrey Miller, lying on the asphalt altar
of the Kent State parking lot,
May 4, 1970, 

his life's blood streaming under
the kneeling  
Mary Vecchio 
into a pool 
by the curb.

But all that changed on May 4, 1970 when I was a graduate counselor at Kent State.

Those shootings were the beginning of indiscriminate slaughter by gunshot into crowds in our country.

I recall that the Eisenhower Commission on Violence headed by the President's brother, Milton, predicted that by 1970 we would have become "a nation of armed camps."

He was wrong.  

We are simply a nation armed, slaughtering our children on the sacred altar of the Second Amendment.

What have we become when the mother of a mentally brittle son collects automatic weapons as a hobby?

Nancy Lanza, shot in the face  by her son, Adam

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