Friday, December 14, 2012

* A Witches Brew of Twisted Masculinity

Link to Yale Daily News article

I speak as someone who went through a school shooting 42 years ago at Kent State.

We want to ignore 
the Freudian insight that MALES are unconsciously
angry, especially angry at women, who have magical powers of creating another
human being, leaving MALES to do society's nasty task of destroying them in war.

We want to ignore 

the fact that religion uses MALE gods to
subordinate*  others, either as sinners or as un-worthies, and that the
unconscious lesson such deities teach young MALES is that manhood means using power to subordinate the less powerful.

We want to ignore

the fact that our culture valorizes MALES
who use physical dexterity to subordinate others---not verbal dexterity----
whether on fields of battle or on fields of sport.

We fuel 

our culture with 300 MILLION hand guns, and valorize
their use in cinema and  on television.

And then we wonder 

why gunMEN, not gunwomen, create mass
murders in our world, from Denmark to Sandy Hook.

We have created 

a lethal witches brew and we offer it to our MALES

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