Monday, September 10, 2012

* Outsnobbing Yale Snobs

Holy Smoke

LtwLimulus90 10 hours, 43 minutes ago

^The funniest bit is that you think you know Yale undergraduate students and graduates so well...Perhaps they don't show you the respect you think you deserve not because of any enmity towards your degree or the school from which it came, but because of the excessively pretentious tone, faulty logic, and unbearable narcissism you display in every one of your 1,965 pseudo-intellectual comments.

theantiyale 8 hours, 2 minutes ago

"they don't show you the respect you think you deserve"
You don't GET it.
Perhaps you came in in the middle of the act.
It's not ABOUT me even though it is my PERSONA as a pompous windbag out-snobbing the snobs in my posts which apparently irritates you.
The Anti-Yale is but an emblem of the treatment dished out by the elitists at Yale to both townfolk and divines.
My authority comes not from academic credentials, but from having been raised in the shadow of Yale, and having read Yale Daily News posts over the last few years which treat the Divinity School like an embarrassing stepchild. I was the Divinity School’s greatest critic from 1976-81 as publisher of Holy Smoke, the predecessor to The Anti-Yale.
I have precious little interest in obtaining the "respect" of "Yale undergraduate students and graduates."
My purpose is larger --- 146,000 “views” from ten countries larger. (most viewed post this month “Katie Couric’s Legs: 7.5 Million Dollars Apiece
Note: In its more liberal incarnation during the 1980’s,YDS might even have reluctantly acknowledged that The Anti-Yale is a ministry to a sick society. Very reluctantly. Now, the Divinity School may be a bit too tea-party for that kind of magnanimity.
Sorry to disappoint your fantasy that Yale is the center of my attention.
It is but symptomatic of larger issues which concern me about the time and space I occupy.
Pompously yours,

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