Sunday, April 17, 2011

* Katie Couric's Legs: 7.5 Million Dollars a Piece.

I am no fan of Katie (Katherine Ann) Couric.  I am sick and tired of seeing her exhibit her sleek legs as she interviews subjects on the CBS Evening News under her 15 million dollar (annual?) contract. 

Did Walter Cronkite roll up his sleeves and exhibit his sleek arms?

However, I will give her this.  She has used her womanhood to raise issues to the forefront on the CBS Evening News which male investigative journalists have trivialized or skimmed over. 

Let's take human sustenance for instance.  This has been the province of women for thousands of years.

Last year her program reported on the rise in staph infections which are resistant to all current antibiotics because producers flood the food and grain supply fed to poultry and livestock with those very antibiotics.

She reported again two nights ago that  one in five pieces of meat and poultry found in grocery store display cases is now contaminated with that very staph bacteria, according to a random nationwide survey recently conducted.

This policy of flooding livestock feed with antibiotics  seems like societal suicide.

Is any one paying  attention to Katie Couric?  

Or are they looking at her legs?


Kevin said...

Oh my God, this post proves it. You really are clinically insane.

PAUL D. KEANE said...