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* (D.A.D.):Out-Trumping Trump: The Best of News and the Worst of News

 Paul Keane, You're Fired !

 Out-Foxing the Foxes

Thus ends another year of publication of the Yale Daily News, except for occasional issues during reading week and the summer.

When I reflect on my postings and the nearly three-year history of The AntiYale (9/11/09) whose creation was prompted by my donation of the Macintosh Chalice to Yale Law School , http://www.law.yale.edu/news/8334.htm 
455 posts ago, I see a pattern which others may not see or find a ridiculous assertion: I’m behaving the way I think a chaplain and a dean of students ought to behave at a great university, as a gadfly and an outraged idealist.

After all, I have degrees in both areas. In 1969-1973, in the crucible of student unrest at Kent State University, I took a Master of Education degree in something called Student Personnel Services and Administration in Higher Education, a degree which outfitted me to be a cipher and an opinionless-go-between aka an Assistant Dean of Student Something-Or-Other.

 I rebelled against it and became a student activist for a federal grand jury of the Kent State murders.

 Similarly, at Yale between 1976 -85, I took a Master of Divinity degree (M. Div.’80) which outfitted me to be Something-Or-Other in a Chaplain’s office, another cipher position unless you were William Sloane Coffin with credentials from American 'aristocracy'.  

I rebelled against that and compelled  Yale (and 20 million television viewers)  into facing the heterosexual nature of AIDS  and the reality of New Haven prostitution, drug abuse, and  Yale Police discrimination against townspersons who did not fit the “Ivy-league” model, myself included.  See "The Arrest of Paul Keane at Yale Divinity School Thrown out of Court" at   http://yalegrad80.blogspot.com

The "Single best piece of publicity ever to come out of Kent State" and the worst publicity ever to come out of Yale.

Of course I would have been fired within six months if I behaved as an administrator or chaplain at Yale the way I have behaved in The Anti-Yale and on the Yale Daily News posting board.

But I out-trumped both Kent State and Yale by performing those offices without their title or salaries with the  idiosyncratic job-descriptions peculiar to the times which I  nonchalantly invented to go along with them!

 Indeed, even though I had a  dorm-counselor's  job and later coordinator's job at Kent State, they couldn't fire me because as Jim Bruss, Director of Kent State Public Relations after the shootings at Kent State said, "Paul Keane brought Kent State the best single piece of publicity" it ever had.  And I did so without their having to pay a penny for it.

But I also did so without compromising the injustice of the murders. (see Pop's Snow Squad piece, in video above, which appeared as the Christmas Eve Story on the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite, 1972, two years after the Kent murders.) The man I beatified, Pop Fisher,  was the ONLY person in town with guts enough to stand up for students after the Kent State murders.

But Kent State, instead of firing me, could (and did)  offer me a one-year non-renewable contract,  in a sinecure at the Center for Peaceful Change paid for out of the President's discretionary fund, if I would only promise to leave Kent State. ($5,800 as I recall in 1973; barely enough to survive.)  I quit after ten months, after creating the May 4th Resource Center (the first archives on the murders) rather than let my contract expire, without a whimper.

At Yale, I brought them the worst single piece of publicity they had ever had (up to that point): See video of 60 Minutes piece  (above) on a New Haven prostitute with AIDS, the first person in America known to have transmitted AIDS heterosexually.

Yale couldn't fire me because I was performing the functions of a chaplain and administrator ( as I quixotically defined those roles) without benefit title, pay, or even moral support.

Nor can they fire me now, their uninvited blogging-mascot, contrarian chaplain, and devil's- advocate dean (d.a.d.): The Anti-Yale.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Paul Keane: Otherwise known, of course, as “The Anti-Yale.” He went to Yale Divinity School a long time ago, and possesses the uncanny ability to relate each and every current event to his own life. There was a shooting at Toad’s? He graduated from Kent State in 1972, you know. Someone put up racist graffiti? He went to this conference at Cornell in the ’60s where someone said something racist. Students like wearing sweatpants? He lives in Vermont, actually, and they wear overalls there, which is pretty close. There was a breakthrough on Lyme disease? One of PK’s good friends had a roommate who had that! Did he mention he went to Yale Divinity School? It’s safe to say PK has commented more and earlier than any other troll in YDN history and maintains a titular, much-updated blog (among many others). That said, his commitment is actually pretty impressive (if a bit worrisome), and he receives extra points for commenting under his real name. Then again, if he didn’t, how else could he prove he went to some version of Yale?

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