Tuesday, September 11, 2012

* The Triplum

Ithaca College faculty building plaza, and chapel,  overlooking Cayuga Lake

ABOUTORABI: The not so liberal arts

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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The Triplum.
Literature / Philosophy / History---three courses taught (not in tandem but in triplum) chronologiclly, semester by semester, from Homer, Aristotle and The Peloponesian Wars to Faulkner,Sartre and the World Wars. It was a decade long experimental program created by the liberal arts faculty at Ithaca College during the Viet Nam years, many Ph.D's who'd missed tenure at Cornell (thank God) and wound up as excellent teachers, not publishers, on South Hill, the new Ithaca campus.
If nothing else, it gave me a sense of chronology: Who and what come where.
I'm not sure I trust "our educators, not only to be more knowledgeable than we about their specialized academic provinces, but to be wiser".
I don't know about the 'wiser' but I do trust them to get the chronology straight so I can assess for myself whether or not there is something called "the evolution of human thought" (title of a booklet by E.B. Szekely ).
So far, I see no evidence of an evolution. We are a lot stupider than the ancient Greeks---who at least KNEW we were stupid and said so.---------------PK


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