Friday, October 29, 2010

* Jung and Chaplin Spook Yale Mind/Brain Scholar


 (View YouTube videos appended to Yale Daily News Mind/Brain article: link below.)


haehnela said...

How does the time traveler premise support or refute the mind/brain hypothesis? Personally, I think this Irish guy has stumbled on a bit of footage upon which he has superimposed our modern sensibility. Out of the billions and billions of people who have lived on earth, how many, pre-cell phone, have made a cell-phone-like gesture? And this one happened to be caught on film. Classic mountain from a mole hill.

PAUL D. KEANE said...

I guess if the mind is separate from the brain it might travel in time. My own opinion is that the woman has an ear-ache or a tooth- ache and is one of those persons you see in large cities who talk to and answer themselves in public.