Friday, October 1, 2010

*Rutgers Rape of Privacy: A Digital Disgrace

Rutgers' Scarlet Shame

Some expert opining about the world of digital dangers on tonight's PBS News Hour with Jim Lehrer actually tried to suggest that the  Rutgers student who videotaped his roomate having sex with a friend of the same gender and POSTED IT ON THE INTERNET may "not have understood that this was wrong" due to the new epidemic of personal disclosures on social networks like facebook which have blurred the boundaries of privacy.

This is unmitigated liberal relativistic MALE-BOVINE FECES.

I consider myself a bona fide, certified, five-decade weathered liberal; but, I am sick and tired of having words reduced to meaningless graphic arrangements of ink by the new "relativism."

Privacy is privacy.

Wrong is wrong.

Cruelty is cruelty.

The digital dilution of these standards is not an excuse for abandoning them, or excusing their violation.



(Unless, of course, we want to admit we have raised a generation of  sadistic Ids without 
Super-egos by abandoning child-rearing by parents to child-rearing by day-care centers and babysitting by television.)

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